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About Me

Cody Shrum is a two-time Puschart-nominated, award-winning writer of fiction, poetry, and scholarship. His writing has appeared in or is forthcoming from such publications as BULL,  Identity Theory, Prime Number Magazine, Rust & Moth, The Midwest Quarterly, and others. His story titled "127 Feet" won the 2016 Astra Arts Festival Writing Contest for Fiction. 


Cody earned his BA and MA in English/ Creative Writing with an emphasis in fiction from Pittsburg State University, and he earned an MFA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2020 with an emphasis in fiction. Cody has also taught college-level English and composition courses since 2014.

In fall 2021, Cody's book chapter about Alison Bechdel's graphic memoirs was published in a book through Routledge titled Feminist Readings of Comics: New Essays on Interpretation and Visual Narrative. The chapter is titled "Comics and Gendered Subjectivity: The Multifaceted Truth of Alison Bechdel's Graphic Memoirs." This chapter can be made available upon request.

Cody lives in Kansas City with his wife, Kylee, and their ferocious guard dogs, Zeus and Phoebe. Cody is an instructional content designer, and a fiction editor for Identity Theory Magazine

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